Bloggold (2010 – 2011)

In 2011, Anna wrote her master’s thesis entitled BLOGGOLD for the ZHDK Field of Excellence TRENDS masters course.



BLOGGOLD is a work in the area of tension between society, online media and design. It discusses the cultural and design-relevant tendencies of the Zeitgeist – overarchingly positioned in the subject areas of popular culture. The research focusses on online blogs, whose content is compiled by private individuals and gives insights into their personal living environments – which exhibit a high degree of image as well as content authenticity.

The thesis deals with the question of the importance of authenticity in personal lifestyle blogs and how the truth claim is staged.

The key words social media, change of values, identity, staging, attention economy and authenticity form the basis for an analysis of the phenomenon of “personal lifestyle blogging”.* Criteria and standards for authentic productions are presented. Analyses, especially of visual and textual content, of exemplary blogs show the role of authenticity in the blogosphere and in general – and how it affects the identity and social status of a blogging person on- and offline. Qualitative and quantitative surveys among bloggers and readers show which criteria make blogging and blog-reading attractive.

The design work consists in the creation of a fictional and virtual currency, which is made up of value measures of the blogosphere: coins, notes and bonds, which are to be viewed symbolically. Detached from cyberspace, this currency adds value and makes the status of bloggers visible to outsiders.


* Today, Instagram profiles represent the same subject matter as at that time lifestyle blogs represented.